P2P WhaleRoom Social Token Community
Please go through this website to fully understand the WHL social token and the limited-quantity peer-to-peer (P2P) tiers that are available to the global community.
WhaleRoom is a place for like-minded people who share a passion for crypto to congregate, connect, and learn from one another via their favorite crypto projects, creators, and brands. It's also the #1 place to get direct access to the WhaleRoom team and founders via the official WHL community rooms.
The WhaleRoom community is trying to build one of the most unique social utilities around and we would love to have you join the community and contribute in any way possible.

Who is the WhaleRoom Social Token for?

Anyone who desires to make use of the WhaleRoom social network platform and community-building service for the long-term and who wants to have input when important product choices are made. The WhaleRoom team uses polls within the official WHL rooms as a hybrid community governance mechanism. Everything at WhaleRoom revolves around the platform.
5 different WHL tiers exist which unlock premium platform features. Each p2p tier gives community members access to a native WhaleRoom room.
In the future, qualified users will also be able to create their own rooms via Bitclout or Hathor Network tokens by holding locking up WHL social tokens or by paying a room hosting fee.
Click here to view the peer-to-peer social token community tier benefits or click here to get some WHL social tokens on Uniswap.

Community member values

Positive in spirit
Decentralized across many communities and geographies
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