SENTR3 is the official enterprise division of the company that operates the WhaleRoom platform.
SENTR3 facilitates native priority customer support rooms with a white-label customers option featuring WHLC tokens. When you stake your WHL social tokens, you are given a quantity of WHLC social tokens to account for your portion of the P2P loyalty program pool that you have entered. For white-label customers, SENTR3 will be purchasing WHL tokens for customers as part of their purchase and distribute them to customer-approved hosts and moderator wallets post-deployment.
9 WHLC per moderator
(10 staked WHL = 9 WHLC)
This room will be used to govern access to the priority enterprise support room for enterprise customer moderators. Think of this as concierge support for moderators.
90 WHLC per host
(100 staked WHL = 90 WHLC)
This room will be used to govern access to the priority enterprise support room for enterprise customer hosts. Think of this as concierge support for hosts.

SENTR3 White-Label Customer Example

If a new enterprise customer requires 5 host accounts and 10 moderator accounts, the company that operates SENTR3 and WhaleRoom ("Operator") will purchase the exact amount of WHL social tokens needed to unlock customer access to the HOST and MOD rooms on behalf of the client.
In the example above, the Operator will have to buy 600 WHL social tokens and stake them to receive 540 WHLC tokens (the smart contract has a 10% entry fee).
Seeing as the token required to access the SENTR3 priority support rooms is WHLC, these 600 WHL social tokens must be staked into the p2p loyalty smart contract so that the Operator has the necessary amount of WHLC (540 WHLC) to send to the newly onboarded hosts (5) and moderators (10).
Here is an example of the math involved:
[(5*100) + (10*10)] = 600 WHL (still unstaked)
[600 * 0.9] = 540 WHLC (staked)
In this example, each SENTR3 enterprise client moderator will receive 9 WHLC and each host will receive 90 WHLC in the wallet tied to their SENTR3. This process is 100% seamless to the customer.
Since these tokens have been staked by the Operator, they cannot be unstaked at any point by enterprise Moderator(s) or Host(s). If the enterprise customer decides not to renew their SENTR3 term, they are free to send the WHLC tokens back to the Operator and the Operator is free to reuse the WHLC tokens with future enterprise customers. It is important to note that the Operator will never unstake WHL tokens once they are initially staked to power priority enterprise support seats.

Enterprise Utility of WHL

As SENTR3 onboards new enterprise customers, hosts, and moderators, WHL will need to continually be bought by the Operator. This usage of the token is in line with the original promise made to the WhaleRoom community to always incorporate the social token into every facet of the Operator's evolving ecosystem.


What happens if the price of WHL social tokens reaches a point that makes this program unsustainable for the Operator?

The Operator will simply adjust the room minimum requirement for the enterprise priority support rooms for future clients and existing customers will not be impacted whatsoever. Example, the MOD room requirement could one day be reduced to only require 0.9 WHLC for priority support vs the current requirement of 9 WHLC. The fungibility of the WHL social token makes this possible and simple to implement at any time.

Can non-enterprise clients enter the MOD and HOST rooms on SENTR3?

Yes, anyone hosting a non-enterprise room is free to buy and stake their own WHL social tokens via Uniswap or Coinmetro in order to gain access to priority support rooms on SENTR3. Priority support on both SENTR3 and WhaleRoom is not included for non-enterprise clients.

How is WHLC different from WHL?

Please check out this article to learn more about how the WHL social token's community loyalty staking contract works. In short, WHL social tokens are the primary token available to anyone in the WhaleRoom community and WHLC tokens represent the staked version of WHL. Upon staking WHL on, the staker receives WHLC to track their share of the loyalty pool (minus the 10% smart contract fee).