Token-Gating Use Cases
Here we'll take a look at Whaleroom's enterprise infrastructure.

Token-Gated Exclusive Content

Need to limit access to to valuable information, documents, or media with tokens or NFTs that you have launched or are planning to launch? Need to limit access to a community to only a select group of token or NFT holders? WhaleRoom can help you achieve either of these outcomes.

WhaleRoom Client Case Study Example (AI Forum)

Token-Gated Community

Any blockchain-oriented community currently thinking of starting a Discord server or Telegram group should consider WhaleRoom during their selection process. WhaleRoom offers superior user privacy and reduced spam thanks to its proprietary "Proof of Ownership" technology.

Token-Gated Customer Support

Want to offer your customers a token-based customer support experience to future-proof your customer-facing operations? Schedule a call today with WhaleRoom's consultants to see how to bring your customer service to the next level with token-gated customer support portals.
Hosting at WhaleRoom starts at $500/year, click here to learn more.