WHL Social Token
You're in the right place to learn all about WHL social tokens!
WHL is the native social token and community management mechanism chosen for the whaleroom.org social infrastructure platform.
The social tokens can be used to:
  • Access official community VIP rooms (PRO/PRIME/APEX)
  • Access Host/Moderator support rooms (MOD/HOST)
  • Unlock enhanced in-app functionality
  • Unlock hosting discounts (learn more)
  • Product-related governance voting
  • Community-related governance voting
WhaleRoom's suite of apps have been built from the ground up to make it easy for token/coin/NFT creators, brands, and organisations to deploy a token-gated social space for their holders without a tech team.
The "proof of ownership" technology used within WhaleRoom and SENTR3 is patent-pending in the USA. The application was submitted by the operator who builds and hosts both sentr3.com and whaleroom.org.
Screenshot from patent application #17561102 "ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ON-LINE SERVICES"

What is Proof of Ownership?

  • Our system protocol checks each member wallet balance to ensure they are cryptographically proven to quality to enter a specific room or unlock a feature.
  • In the community, we refer to this authentication process as "Proof of Ownership".

Other fun facts about WHL social tokens

  • WHL social tokens are available to anyone without any conditions.
  • During the community genesis, all 1 million tokens were published to Uniswap V2.
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