WHL Social Token
You're in the right place to learn all about WHL social tokens!
WHL is the native social token and community management mechanism chosen for the SENTR3.com token-gating platform for events, content, and offers.
The social tokens can be used to:
  • Access official community VIP rooms (HOST/PRO/PRIME/APEX)
  • Unlock enhanced in-app hidden functionality
  • Unlock hosting discounts (learn more)
  • Product-related governance voting
  • Community-related governance voting
SENTR3's suite of apps have been built from the ground up to make it easy for token/coin/NFT creators, brands, and organizations to deploy a token-gated solution to manage their holder-only events, content, and offers.
The "proof of ownership" technology used within the SENTR3 technology is patent-pending in the USA. The application was submitted by the operator who builds SENTR3 technology.
Screenshot from patent application #17561102 "ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ON-LINE SERVICES"

What is Proof of Ownership?

  • Our system protocol checks each member wallet balance to ensure they are cryptographically proven to quality to enter a specific room or unlock a feature.
  • In the community, we refer to this authentication process as "Proof of Ownership".

Other fun facts about WHL social tokens

  • WHL social tokens are available to anyone without any conditions.
  • During the community genesis, all 1 million tokens.
  • Anyone is free to incorporate WHL social tokens into their project or business as access cards
  • The WhaleRoom community is fueled by the sum of its participants partaking in discussion, planning events, and discussing the future of Web3. All tokens are in community hands.
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