WHL Access Tiers
Discover what premium features get unlocked depending on how many WHL social tokens or staked WHLC tokens you associate with your WhaleRoom profile. WHL social tokens have been integrated into the WhaleRoom.org social platform and are available to anyone in the community via the Ethereum Network. Holders of WHL social tokens automatically unlock premium features when they hold the social tokens in at least one of their associated ETH wallets. The WhaleRoom platform then automatically detects which tier users belong to and award the account the right features inside the platform. Users keep the features as long as they hold the tokens in the respective quantities seen below. Staked social tokens are not penalised when it comes to qualifying for tiered access.


10 WHL
or 9 WHLC
Access to MOD priority support room (support for third-party room Moderators)
100 WHL
or 90 WHLC
Everything in MOD
Access to HOST priority support room (support for third-party room Hosts)
500 WHL
or 450 WHLC
Everything in HOST
Access to PRO room (access to proprietary crypto research reports - coming soon)
Anonymised KPIs
2,000 WHL
or 1,800 WHLC
Everything in PRO
Access to PRIME room (access to exclusive WhaleRoom events - coming soon)
Know who's a top 10 holder in a room you're in
10,000 WHL
or 9,000 WHLC
Everything in PRIME
Access to APEX room
(platform roadmap governance - coming soon)
Jedi mode (bypass crypto room minimums)

What is a third-party room Moderator or Host?

This is any Moderator or Host assigned to a self-hosted room. These types of hosts and moderators are not assigned by WhaleRoom, but rather by each individual room owner.