Peer-to-Peer Member Tiers

Discover what premium features get unlocked depending on how many WHL social tokens you hold in your WhaleRoom member wallet.

What are P2P community tiers?

WHL social tokens have been integrated into the social platform for early adopters in the community. Holders of the WHL social tokens automatically unlock premium features when they hold WHL in at least one of their associated ETH wallets. The system will automatically detect which tier you belong in and award your account the right features inside the platform. You keep the features as long as you hold the tokens in the respective quantities seen below.

Current P2P Tiers for WHL Community

P2P Tier

WHL Tokens Required



(P2P only)


or 0.9 WHLC

Access to ZEN room

Profile member badge

Twitter, Telegram, Bitclout Verification (Q3 '21)

Embedded LunarCrush insights per room (Q3 '21)


(P2P only)

100 WHL

or 90 WHLC

Everything in ZEN

Access to SOLO room

No community signup fee


(P2P only)

500 WHL

or 450 WHLC

Everything in SOLO

Access to PRO room

10 free room entries

Member profiles

Anonymised KPIs


(P2P or Lifetime)

2,000 WHL

or 1,800 WHLC

Everything in PRO

Access to PRIME room

Unlimited free room entries

Top 10 room holder badges

Smart Notifications (Q3 '21)


(P2P or Lifetime)

10,000 WHL

or 9,000 WHLC

Everything in PRIME

Access to APEX room

Jedi mode (bypass room minimums)

Sentiment analysis API (Q4 '21)

Everyone gets 1 free room at WhaleRoom (Free Trial)

Anyone is free to create a new WhaleRoom account and participate in the first room they qualify to join without being prompted to pay P2P community signup or room entry fees to the smart contract (Proof of Commitment). Members are only prompted to pay the P2P sign-up and rooms fees upon trying to gain entry into any subsequent room.

Community Fee



Signup fee

0.05 ETH

Once per new member

Room entry fee

0.01 ETH

Once per room (except for the 1st room)