Don't have any ETH?
This is the easiest way to buy some Ethereum with a credit card. Follow the steps below to buy under $300 of ETH with a credit card and no KYC. Fully compliant and easy to follow.

1) Go to Mercuryo

Cryptocurrency Exchange Service Available 24/7
Mercuryo Exchange

2) Select ETH

Select ETH

3) Specify your ETH address

Specify recipient address and an amount under $300.

4) Wait for your ETH to arrive

Now you are one step away from getting some WHL social tokens.


  1. 1.
    Check the address of token while buying. Do not copy the address from chats or any private messages, view it on Etherscan.
  2. 2.
    WhaleRoom ( and / or WhaleRoom team members WILL NOT send you any personal messages or tokens. Beware of messages containing any fake addresses or asking you personal data.